today i learned – tues 18th dec 2018

the british library is a growing nightmare of epic book-proportions

#tdil that the british library adds 12km (almost 8 miles) of shelves every single year! 😱

how nuts is that?! that’s a whole lot of shelves 🙈 i wonder if they have a department that constantly goes to ikea? 😂

wondering why the british library is so obsessed with adding shelves? well, they receive a copy of every single book that is published in the uk and ireland 😳 that’s nearly 3,000,000 books a year!

due to the amount of books that they collect 📚 they now have over 150 million books on their archives … some things date back to over 3000 years ago!

what’s really cool about the collection is that it’s nearly all accessible to mere mortals like us 👍🏻 well, kinda. people can access certain parts of the collection for just 30 minutes if they’re looking for a particular piece of info … you also aren’t allowed to turn the pages of the really old stuff! someone has to do it for you #fairenough

it’s basically a really cool and stupendously extensive library 🙌🏻 further to the many books, they also have all sorts of other stuff like stamps, music, old audio recordings … the list goes on!

i think i may have to visit the british library next time i’m in town … it sounds really cool 🤓

laters ✌🏻 #tdil


how darn cool is that?! fancy learning some more random facts like this? just go ->here<- 😬

(pictures! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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