today i learned – sun 16th dec 2018

for the longest time, i’ve had a knot in my neck/back … it sucks 🙄 but have you ever found yourself wondering what they actually are?

#tdil what knots in muscles actually are 🤙🏻 … turns out that they aren’t actually knots 🙃

apparently they aren’t actual knots 😒 which i guess makes sense … but you know, muscles are made of lots of fibres, so it wouldn’t have been ridiculous!

anyway, as i just mentioned, muscles are made up of lots of fibres. these super pliable fibres run in all different directions, all over your body and are the reason you can dab or do the sprinkler 🤦🏻‍♂️

a knot happens when these fibres all start to harden and become stiff – sometimes they even start to stick together – the subsequent hard mess is known as a ‘knot’.

they can be super painful 😕 it’s all due to the muscles becoming contracted and then not un-contracting.

sometimes, they can even get the nervous system in on the action to make things even more painful 👍🏻 in this case, the contracted areas of muscle in question become known as ‘trigger points’ … they suck 🙂.

so, that’s what a knot is … but how do you get rid of them or prevent them in the first place?! well, you can prevent knots by keeping hydrated, exercising and taking breaks from chilling at your desk at work 💻

if, even when you do the above, a rogue knot appears 😣 the most effective way to relieve the pain is to get yo’self a massage … failing that, deep heat and gentle stretching are your friends 😍

laters potataz 😎 #tdil


yaaay! hopefully you didn’t find this a pain and you feel like reading some more? you should totes go ->here<-

(pictures! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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