today i learned – mon 10th dec 2018

this stuff is so cool 😍 totally getting sci-fi alien film vibes but on the reals 😏

#tdil what happens when you drop ferrofluid on a magnet 😱

if you’ve never seen ferrofluid before, you’re definitely missing out 😅 it’s possible one for the coolest liquids out there!

basically, it becomes strongly magnetised when it’s out near a magnetic field and creates some pretty epic shapes 🙌🏻 like, it’s comparable to something from alien or terminator 😱

anyway, in this little video, physics girl does a mad experiment to see how the material reacts in slow motion when dropped onto a magnet 😏 (spoiler – it’s super cool) … she also then uses the science to talk about tides and being destroyed in a black hole 😁

it’s pretty much an emotional rollercoaster 😂 enjoy!

so good!

laterz 😎 #tdil


if you fancy learning some interesting things that aren’t just me sharing a video 🙈 then you just need to go ->here<- 👍🏻

(image time! the header is from ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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