today i learned – fri 7th dec 2018

felt it was probably time for something a bit random again … it’s been a while 🙈

#tdil that there is a legit post box in japan that is 10 metres under water! 🐠📮

personally, i think this is so darn wonderful and very japanese 🙌🏻 … like, an under water post box?! literally genius 🙈

anyway, it’s located in a small fishing town called susami (which is in the wakayama district) and is recognised by guinness world records as the world’s deepest underwater postbox (which implies that there is more than one out there!?).

now you may be thinking to yourself that an under water postbox can’t be actually used for anything … you’d be wrong! it’s a legit postbox that has between 1000 and 1500 items of mail dropped into it each year ✉️

the postbox is generally used by divers that buy waterproof postcards from a local dive shop and then write on them with oil-based paint markers. it is emptied every day by a person from that very same dive shop 🏊🏻‍♀️.

there’s not much else to say! 😂 it’s a postbox that is underwater 🙈 … my need to visit japan just grew even greater 🇯🇵


byeeeeeee 🐋 #tdil


this was definitely one of the more random posts that we’ve had in a while 😅 if you feel like learning more stuff like this … just go ->here<-

(i couldn’t find a picture of this postbox that i was allowed to use 😭 … instead, that is a photo of another underwater postbox at the izu ocean park – yep, there’s more than one! license is ->here<- and the other picture ->here<-)

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