today i learned – tues 4th dec 2018

today’s fact has literally blown my mind 🤯 who knew memory weighs stuff??

#tdil that an iphone 📱 with a full hard drive is actually heavier than it was the day that you picked it up 😱

how mental is that!? like, all of those ridiculous selfies, embarrassing videos and absolute tunez that you have on your phone actually make it heavier … granted, we’re talking a tiny tiny tiny amount of weight 🙈 but still!

it’s all because every megabyte of data that you have stored on your phone actually has a genuine, physical weight – a whole one-quintillionth of a gram worth of physical weight 💪 – this is otherwise known as an ‘attogram’.

wondering how a virtual file could hold physical weight? well, it’s because modern flash memory uses trapped electrons to distinguish between the ones and zeros that make up everything on ya device.

whilst the number of electrons never changes, once the data is trapped, they have a higher energy level and subsequently greater weight 🤓.

if we translate it into an actual example (ish) you find that a 32gb iphone with full storage weighs a hefty 0.000000000000000008 grams (there’s possibly one too many zeros there 😳) more than one that is empty! i’m sure you’ll agree, that’s gonna be a real burden to carry around! 😓

putting the whole iphone thing aside for a moment … my investigation into data having weight taught me something else super interesting – the whole, gigantic, internet weighs as much as a strawberry! 🍓 (according to some rough maths done in 2011).

and there we go! today’s fact is complete on time and it’s probably one of my favourites 😬 how insane is it that all of the random things you’ll only ever see on a screen actually have real life weight!? 😱 actually mental!

byyyyeeeeee 😍 #tdil


just wow … today’s fact was actually so awesome 😎 if you feel like reading some more fun stuff, you just need to go ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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