today i learned – weds 28th nov 2018

owing to the fact that i’m turning japanese, today’s fact is about my new old obsession – pokemon 😂

#tdil that ash ketchum was actually voiced by a woman! (i’m talking about the english dub)

so yeah, i only really watched pokemon after it had just come out … you know, the original series up until just after the second movie 👍🏻

turns out that, for all of that time, ash was actually voiced by an american lady called veronica taylor 😊 … she sounds literally nothing like ash! 😂

veronica voiced ash in the english dub from 1998 – 2006 and was the original voice of everyone’s favourite 10-year old pokemon trainer 😏 since season nine, he’s been voiced by sarah natochenny 👍🏻 (i’ve still not heard new ash)

if i’m honest, that’s all we’ve got today 😂 i just never knew that ash’s voice came from a woman … always figured it was just a young lad … you know, due to the fact ash is a kid!

peace 🙌🏻 #tdil


this fact is literally useless … but it’s a nice throwback for some of us 😂 want to read something else? just go ->here<-

(only one image today … i stole it from veronica’s twitter 😅 i hope she doesn’t mind … go visit and follow her ->here<- so that she doesn’t sue me 👍🏻)

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