today i learned – tues 27th nov 2018

today, we’re going to experience something that i’ve decided to name ‘blogception’ 🤓 … basically, we’re going to discuss blogs on a blog 😂

#tdil about the history of blogging! … which sounds frightfully boring 🙈 but actually isn’t! 🤓

have you ever just stopped and thought – “where on earth did this wonderful idea even come from? 🤔” (nope? me neither until today).

it’s actually pretty surprising how long blogs have been around; you’d be forgiven for thinking that they weren’t really a thing until fairly recently.

apparently, it’s widely believed that the first blog ‘’ was actually made by a dude called justin hall in 1994!? #umwhat. how mad is that … this whole idea of blogging is over 20 years old!?

anyway, back then, justin simply referred to his ‘blog’ as his personal homepage 💻. the early form of the term ‘blog’ didn’t even come around until 1997 when jorn barger coined the phrase ‘weblog’ 👍🏻. this was later shortened to blog in ‘99 by a gent named peter merholz.

(i feel like i’m writing about the godfathers of blogging 😂 like some kind of super important scribe in ancient times #praisebetothegods 🌩)

anyhew, it was in the early 2000s that blogs really took off … like, to paraphrase anchorman, things escalated quickly 😳 in 1999 there were just 23 recorded blogs on the internet … in 2006 this number had increased to 50million!?

that’s a trend that continued to this day; helped by the invention of things like blogger and WordPress, these days there are over 1.5billion blogs! no wonder it’s so darn difficult to get a new school blog out there to the world 🙃.

the growth of blogging is actually pretty fascinating – it literally went from zero to tasty in under 30 seconds. in 2003, this was aided even further by the invention of adsense 😱 it was the first ad platform that could match adverts to the content of a blog … it basically made it possible for bloggers of all sizes to start making dat dollar.

these days, whilst only a small amount of people make lots of $$ from their content, blogs have become rather important … even for businesses! so important in fact, that social media examiner (->here<-) reported that 45% of marketers say blogging is the most important piece of their content strategy!

so yeah, keep up the hard work y’all 💪 we’re all mega important 🙂 … even if you aren’t in this for the ££, we’re entertaining hella loads of people 😏 #teambloggists

right, i’m totes rambling now 🙃 so i’m gonna stop. if you want to read more about the history of blogs (yes, i was brief, there’s more!) the best of my sources can be found ->here<-

anyway, back to donuts 🍩

laterz 😘 #tdil


this one may have been totally geeky, but i think it was still pretty interesting 🤓. if you feel like reading something else, just go ->here<- 😁 (please go there … it’ll make me feel good 😬)

(image time! the header is ->here<-, the second image ->here<- and the final one ->here<-)

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