today i learned – sun 18th nov 2018

found this one randomly and found it both surprising and interesting 😏

#tdil that dog the bounty hunter is banned from ever entering the uk! 😱

now, that’s just one piece of this very surprising puzzle 😏 but yeah, dog – everyone’s fave criminal beater – is banned from visiting our little island 🙈

it’s the reason for the ban that is really surprising – it’s due to a murder conviction from 1976!? 😱 yep, everyone’s fave criminal catcher has a pretty shady past 😳

the murder conviction actually ended up seeing dog face prison time 😅 apparently the murder happened when a drug deal went bad in dog’s youth 😕 whilst he was simply sat in the car when his friend killed their drug dealer, dog was still found to be an accessory to murder 😢

due to him turning over a new leaf at around the same time, dog only served one and a half years of his time … and managed to save an inmate’s life! 🙌🏻

despite all the good stuff, dog is still banned from ever entering the united kingdom 🇬🇧 it first came to light when dog was set to join a series of celebrity big brother 🙈 on arrival to the uk, dog was refused a visa #awks

but yeah, who knew that the world’s most famous bounty hunter spent 33 years of his life on the other side of the law!? 😱 i guess it explains why he has so much compassion for the peeps that they catch 👍🏻

laters 🐶 #tdil


bit different this one 😏 but i found it interesting 😁 fancy reading something else? just take a look ->here<-

(picture time! the header is ->here<-)

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