today i learned – fri 16th nov 2018

this is a bit of a throwback … but i’m bored of all of the brexit gubbins 🙄

#tdil that the mantis shrimp strikes with the same force as a 22-caliber bullet 😳 (that’s like mad powerful 😱)

mantis shrimp may be little tiny things (just a few inches long) but they’re the professional boxer of the ocean 🥊 – punching their prey hard to catch it.

they spot their prey using two special eyes that have three focal points each (must look mental) – this is called hexnocular vision. their eyes have so many light-sensitive cells that they can see in ultraviolet and infrared!

anyway, once they’ve spotted their target, they strike super fast; completing the move in just three thousandths of a second – it’s so powerful that it could break through quarter-inch thick glass! 😶.

it’s even more impressive when you consider that water is harder to punch in than air … basically, even the fastest boxer on earth couldn’t do it in water!

loved this one today 🙂 i think we need more animal based facts in the future 👌🏻 let me know if you agree!

byeeeeeee 😋 #tdil


maybe i should buy a shrimp? 🤔 they sound fun! anyway, whilst i debate that, you can read more cool stuff ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<-)

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