today i learned – tues 13th nov 2018

ever felt like you’ve had a really really long day? 😢 well, it’s nothing compared to venus life 🙈

#tdil days on venus are actually longer than a year on venus!! 😳

could you imagine every single day lasting longer than a year?! 🙈 what an actual nightmare 😅 … unless of course you’re really into daytime and dislike nighttime 😂

but yeah, venus rotates really slowly, taking an entire 243 earth days to complete one rotation … meaning that a day lasts 243 of your lovely days.

at the same time, it takes venus just 225 earth days for the planet to rotate around the sun (it’s fast because it’s closer to the sun than us 👍🏻) … which means that the year is actually 18 days shorter than a day 🙈

how darn grim is that 😅 i guess that it makes calendars easy to deal with? like, think of all the paper that you could save!?!? 😱

pretty short today 😂 but i still found it highly interesting 😊 hopefully you did too!

laters ☀️ #tdil


woop! another space fact down 💪🏻 fancy reading some more good times? just take a little look ->here<-

(pictures! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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