today i learned – mon 12th nov 2018

right, i know that we’ve had some useless stuff on the blog in the past … but this one really takes the biscuit 🍪

like, literally, there are entirely zero uses for the information that i’m about to bestow upon you 😂

#tdil that a dude was once fined for pretending to be a ghost in a cemetery 👻

is that not the greatest thing you’ve ever read?! 😂 like, what is actual life!? (told you it was entirely useless).

anyway, some details! (mainly to flesh this out a tad) … this happened a few years ago in portsmouth after a dude named anthony stallard spent some time in a graveyard ‘waving his arms around and saying “woooooooooo” 👻’ #spooky #legitghost

i’m a little upset that he wasn’t prepared and didn’t take a bed sheet to wear over his head 🙃 who pretends to be a ghost without an on point bed sheet costume?

sheer hilarity aside … the whole thing was pretty disrespectful ☹️ ant and a mate were found to be kicking a footy at graves and being generally rowdy whilst amongst the graves 👎🏻

whilst in court, ant pleaded guilty to causing distress and was fined £35, ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £20 in costs 💰

basically, make sure you’re careful where you go when you’ve been on the nectar 🍺 … don’t go and be disrespectful in a cemetery, it might make a hilarious headline but it just isn’t cool #staysafekids

this somehow turned into a lecture 🤔

have a good one people!

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


the most useless post on this blog? i think this might just win the award 🏆 fancy reading something not useless? just go ->here<-

(pictures! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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