today i learned – sat 10th nov 2018

i don’t tend to get involved with political stuff … but i couldn’t help but feel this needed a share 🤷🏻‍♂️

#tdil iceland’s christmas advert was recently banned due to it being ‘political’ 🙄

now, you’ve most probably already heard about this … it’s been pretty much everywhere lately. regardless, until this morning, i hadn’t actually watched said advert (facebook auto play forced me 🙈)

turns out that it’s not about republicans, brexit or trumpo hair man … it’s actually about the devastation of forests and orangoutangs 😢 it’s pretty sad and eye-opening to be honest.

now, until actually doing some research into it, i couldn’t fathom what was political about it … apparently though, it’s because of the greenpeace origins of the animation 🙄

you see, the body that approves all british adverts – clearcast – said that the rules say you can’t show an advert that is on behalf of a body that is wholly politically based … which greenpeace is 🤷🏻‍♂️

it really sucks that the advert was banned 😕 i mean, awareness into environmental change has pretty much been the theme of 2018 … this one deffo seems just as important as the rest!

that said, the ban could actually be a blessing in disguise! this advert, which can only be shared online, has been more of a talking point than pretty much any of the adverts that we usually see! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

it seems doubtful that they’ll be able to air the advert at all now – despite petitions to get it live (you should get involved!) – but you should deffo share when you see the ad appear on social etc 😁

laters! 😘 #tdil


this one feels important 😊 which is rare for a post on this blog 🙈 fancy reading something else? just take a look ->here<-

(only one image today … the header is ->here<-)

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