today i learned – thurs 8th nov 2018

this will possibly be pretty quick tonight 🙈 regardless, the result is tasty! 😁

#tdil how to make spicy chicken ramen 🍲 and it’s hella good 😏

for most, creating some japanese noodle soup isn’t that much of an achievement … but i’m pretty chuffed, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

the recipe i found is actually of wagamama fame 🙌🏻 and is for spicy chicken ramen (that’s actually hella spicy 😅) you can find the recipe ->here<-

there’s very little to it, so i reckon anyone could probably make it … just need some chicken, noodles, veg and sriracha 👍🏻 the method is actually in that video up there ^^

mine ended up like this … although, i didn’t use all of the sriracha it said to use … and it was still so hot that i almost died 😂 tasty though, y’all should get on it 👍🏻👍🏻

and that’s that for today! i’m in an epic rush today 🙄 so this has to be a quick one … send me pics of yours peeps!

laters 😏 #tdil


woop! another food fact (ish) love these and so do you guys apparently! 😏 fancy reading an actual fact? just look ->here<-

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