today i learned – weds 7th nov 2018

got some more news for you tonight … although, to be honest, it’s news you shouldn’t need to know about! 🙄

#tdil you can now be instantly disqualified if you’re found to be drunk driving in ireland 🙌🏻

honestly, this is epic news that shouldn’t really be an issue! y’all shouldn’t be drunk/drink driving 🍺

the new law actually came about at the end of last month and sees a three month disqualification slapped on anyone found to be drink driving in ireland 👍🏻

this is great news, to be honest 👍🏻 in the past, some drink drivers were just given a few penalty points 🤷🏻‍♂️ which is pretty much rubbish!!

there’s not really that much else to say 😂 i just thought i’d let y’all know 😏 although, as i say, i can’t imagine any of my five readers would drink drive 😘

peace 😉 #tdil


some more news goodness! fancy reading something else? just take a little gander ->here<-

(images! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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