today i learned – tues 6th nov 2018

hopefully they’ll change this before it’s a thing … but it’s deffo a worry! 😳

#tdil new eu insurance laws could make all motorsport in the eu illegal! 🏎

i know right, that sounds pretty unbelievable and you’re probably questioning what i mean 🙈 but it is a legit actual thing! 😢

well, it is under the current wording of the new eu rules for how vehicles have to be insured 😅 they currently read thus:

“any use of a vehicle, consistent with its normal function as a means of transport, irrespective of the terrain on which the motor vehicle is used and whether it is stationary or in motion”

basically – even if you’re on private land, your vehicle needs to have at least third party insurance … race cars race on private land and don’t tend to have insurance 🙃 which means, under the new law, motorsport would technically be illegal 😅

you can also bet that there’s probably no insurer that would want to offer third-party insurance to all or individual racing cars that are flying around a race track 🙈

luckily, not everyone has signed the new law just yet 👍🏻 so it’s not a thing … for now 🙈 apparently pressure is building to get it signed though 😢 hopefully, by the time signing comes around … the wording will have been changed!! 🙌🏻

random one tonight 🙈 found it interesting and felt like telling y’all! 😂

laters 😉 #tdil


bit of news based fun today 🙌🏻 fancy reading something else? just take a little gander ->here<-

(picture time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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