today i learned – thurs 1st nov 2018

it might be national vegan day … but this is both very anti-vegan and quite disturbing #pg13

#tdil a vegetarian restaurant in thailand was found to be serving humans 😳

how god darn bad is that!? it’s bad enough that someone would be serving human … but at a restaurant where there should be no meat at all!? 🙈

apparently, people had been enjoying some lovely noodles before they started complaining that they’d found meat in their food 😢 at first, people thought it was pork but then an investigation by authorities found it to be human 😷

as you can imagine, the owner has scarpered before the feds arrived to investigate and he’s apparently still on the run 😳

upon investigation, the police found a kitchen that looked a bit like a saw film – blood everywhere … human meat … you know, all that goodness 🙈

they later found a corpse of a 61-year-old man inside the septic tank 😢 turns out, it was a regular visitor that had an argument with the owner 😕

police believe that the plan was to go full sweeney todd and get rid of the body by feeding it to all of the restaurant’s patrons over time 🙃

fun times 😅 enjoy your nightmares 😂

bye! 😭 #tdil


love it! what a weird and disturbing fact 🙈 fancy reading something a bit more normal? just take a look ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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