today i learned – tues 30th oct 2018

is there anything more annoying than when you get a rogue moth in your room at night? 🙄

#tdil the reason why (we think) moths and other bugs are attracted to lights 💡

so, i’m gonna come right out and say that we don’t actually know 100% the reason why moths/bugs are attracted to lights 🙈 there are, however, multiple theories 👍🏻 this is appaz the most plausible 😁

the story goes that we’ve made life hard to bugs by inventing artificial lights that mess with their internal guidance systems 😅

you see, it is said that moths and co use something called ‘transverse orientation’ to get around … that’s basically where they fly at a constant relative angle to the moon (or light source) in order to navigate 😊

unfortunately, when we created light bulbs and shizz, we may have made this a tad difficult for the poor critters 😕 instead of just having the moon for reference, they now have lots of lights to get confused by 🙈

mistaking the lights for that one source of light (the moon) it could be that the artificial lights confuse the bugs’ sat nav 😢

and that’s that! whilst this may not be the actual reason, it’s apparently the most plausible reason 👍🏻

byeee 🦋 #tdil


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(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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