today i learned – sat 27th oct 2018

rather charming fact about wales today 😊 i really like wales … even more so now 🙌🏻

#tdil the peeps of wales plant a tree for every new born it adoption 😁

it’s a scheme called “plant!” and it started in 2008 👍🏻 the idea was to create more forests and promote children’s awareness of environmental issues 🌳

basically, when a child is born or adopted, local school children plant a tree in one of six woodland spots around wales 👍🏻 by 2012, around 140,000 trees had been planted 😁

to go with that goodness, the little child (for whom the tree was planted) gets a certificate stating that a tree was planted for them 😘

charmingly, the original idea for the plan came from a young school girl called natalie vaughan 😊 she wrote to her assembly member saying that planting trees would be a good way to raise environmental awareness for children 🙌🏻

what a lovely idea 😁 i think the initiative is still going on … but i’m not certain 😕 i think more places should do this! 😏

laters 👍🏻 #tdil


did you enjoy this fun little fact? well, you’re in luck! you can read more ->here<-

(images! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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