today i learned – mon 22nd oct 2018

peeps, it’s official, the electric revolution is coming! 😏 maybe not … i just didn’t know what to put as an intro 😂

#tdil carbon fibre body panels can act as a car battery! 😱

that’s right, research at the chalmers university of technology has found that carbon fibre can conduct and store electricity 🤓

why would that revolutionise electric cars? 🤔 well, storing electricity in model panels would mean that cars wouldn’t need as many heavy batteries 😏 weight saving is good 🙌🏻

it’s good because it helps with efficiency and performance 👍🏻 think about it – if the whole body of the car is part of the energy system, then you can make it super light 😁

it’s all just super cool to be honest! i’m not sure how safe that would be to touch (i mean, you can’t even touch live f1 cars 🏎). but, if they can make it work, it could help in both cars and planes! 😁

quick one today because i’m rushed … you can read more ->here<- though 👍🏻

peace 🙈 #tdil


yaaaaay! more interesting tech stuff 😏 fancy reading something not rushed? just take a look ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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