today i learned – sun 21st oct 2018

this is a pretty fishy story today 🐟 (sorry … expect lots of puns 😂)

#tdil a fishmongers in kuwait have been selling fish with googly eyes 😂

yep, you read that correctly! a cheeky fish shop recently starting selling its fish with a pair of googly eyes sneakily attached 🙈

why did they start doing that? well, they wanted to make their fish look fresher than that of their competitors 🤔 … fresher at a distance at least 🙈

how darn outrageous is that?! like, getting home to find out that the lovely looking eyes were just stuck on would be mighty irritating! 🙄

that said, surely you’d know if the eyes weren’t real when you were making the purchase? 😂 i’m no expert but don’t googly eyes look a good amount different to fish eyes?

anyway! regardless of that, the po po weren’t happy with this little bit of deception and promptly shut the place down 🙌🏻 … you can’t really blame them 😂

and that’s that … a little amusing news on a sunday night 👍🏻 hopefully it made you smile a little 😏

check ya fish, peeps 🙈 #tdil


loving a bit of news goodness 👍🏻 fancy reading something else? just take a look ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is going around on twitter … i’m not sure where it originated 😢)

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