today i learned – sat 20th oct 2018

like many people, i’ve had asthma since day one 🤷🏻‍♂️ that said, i’ve actually got no idea what it is! 🤔

#tdil what in the world asthma actually is 🤔

it’s just something that i’ve pretty much ignored for my whole life 🤷🏻‍♂️ like, yep i got the asthma, here’s my inhaler, let’s get on 👍🏻 have you ever stopped to wonder, however, what it actually is? 🤓

as you can imagine, it’s a condition that affects the tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs 🙄 it can basically cause them to swell and can subsequently make it harder to breathe 😢 but why? why does it do that?

well, those that suffer from asthma basically have sensitive airways that are inflamed and ready to react to bad stuff … you know, irritants and allergens etc 😕

the sensitive nature of asthmatic airways means that they react to stuff much more easily and then do one or more of three things …

for starters, the airways can become narrower because the muscles around the walls of them start to tighten 😢 it can always cause the lining of the airways to become inflamed and swollen 🙄

the final thing it can do – that happens to me way too often – is cause a build up of sticky mucus or phlegm 😷 this makes the airways narrower and constricts airflow 😓

all of these things are basically like taking a hose and squeezing it … as you can probably imagine, it restricts the flow of water 🙃

and there you go! other than a bit of a pain, that’s what asthma is 😁😂 luckily, it’s one of those things that is usually pretty easy to control 🙌🏻 so keep taking those inhalers peeps 😏

byeeee 😍 #tdil


an actually useful fact … what is happening?! 😱 fancy reading something else? take a look ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other (complete nightmare picture) is ->here<-)

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