today i learned – fri 19th oct 2018

you know how black holes suck … literally? well, scientists have seen something mental! 😱

#tdil that scientists that study black holes have noticed something leaving one 😳

i imagine you’re asking similar questions to me – “what was it?! aliens?! 👽” … what if they come to earth and eat our faces?! 😭

well, chill your beans 😘 it’s not aliens or anything sinister 👍🏻 they’ve actually just seen light fly from a black hole 😱

wondering why that’s significant? well, until recently, it’s always been believed that nothing can escape a black hole, not even light 🚀

they saw the little bit of light that could through the use nasa’s nuclear spectroscopic telescope array (nustar) 👍🏻. it’s actually pretty nuts … the array saw a beam of light shoot from a black hole that was 324 million light years away 😱

after researching the gubbins out of this sighting, they’ve found that highly energetic particles (aka coronas) build up around a black hole and can shoot away from it as x-ray light 💥

pretty nuts, hey 😏 something actually managed to escape from the place that cannot be escaped!? 💪🏻 i love science 🙌🏻

laters 😎


woop! love a winner of a science fact 🤓 fancy reading something else? just take a little gander ->here<-

(picture time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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