today i learned – sat 13th oct 2018

so, my learning of Japanese continues 👍🏻 … expect a lot more of these posts 🙈

#tdil the first five symbols of hiragana 🇯🇵😁

so, it turns out that learning romaji (the direct japanese to english translation) is bad practice 🙈 this is because you learn some bad pronunciations 😢

for that reason, it’s apparently better to learn the two japanese ‘alphabets’ (that’s the easiest way to describe them) hiragana and katakana first 👍🏻

so, here’s what i’ve learned to read and write so far 😁

  1. あ = ‘ah’ (a)
  2. い = ‘ee’ (i)
  3. う = ‘oo’ (u)
  4. え = ‘eh’ (e)
  5. お = ‘oh’ (o)

can i just say, i just got a massive kick out of being able to use one section of the japanese keyboard on iphone 🙈

if you’re interested in learning hiragana and katakana (and eventually kanji) i’ve been using a really useful app called “japanese” … just search hiragana on the app store 👍🏻 or go ->here<- (#notsponsored 😂)

i know i’ve only just started and i’m way far from being an expert, but it isn’t actually as scary and difficult as you may first think … so don’t let that put you off! 😏

and that’s us 😁 hopefully i didn’t come across as trying to be some kind of japanese expert … because i’m 100000% not, i’ve got a real long way to go yet! it’s just super rewarding 😍

peace y’all ✌🏻 #tdil


bit of a different one today … let me know if you liked it? 😁 if you want to read some more useless stuffs, just take a look ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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