today i learned – tues 9th oct 2018

as a motorsport fan, i can’t stress enough how mental this whole thing is 😂

#tdil the japanese run motorsport coach tours on live racing circuits 🙈

just so we’re on the same page: a live racing circuit is a racing track that has cars racing around on it 🏎 which is actually mental 😅

it’s called a “circuit safari” and you get the chance to go on one by entering a lottery 👍🏻 if you win, you get to lap a race track that is closer to the action than you can possibly imagine 😏

interestingly, the line of coaches doesn’t seem to try and miss the racing line 😳 instead, they quite often cause the actual racing cars to miss their line 🙈 … who’d have thought you could get caught in traffic on a race track?! 🚌

there’s not really that much more to say on this 😂 i just wanted to write about it because i really want to go on one 🙈

laters 😅 #tdil


today’s feels proper short … i had less to say than i thought i would 😂 fancy reading something else to make up the time? just go ->here<-

(today’s image came from the video 😏)

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