today i learned – mon 8th oct 2018

love gin? 🍸 it turns out that gin has some highly worrying uses 😳

#tdil gin can be used as mouthwash and a floor cleaning product 😅 (amongst other things)

bit worrying that, isn’t it? 😅 that lovely powerful spirit, that is great with tonic, can also be used as products that you’d usually not even consider drinking 😳

to be honest, i feel like you could probably say that of lots of alcohol products 🙈 you know, because it’s made of super strong chemicals that germs don’t like 😏

anyway, if you mix gin with a few drops of thyme oil (apparently it mixes well and tastes good 🙌🏻) you’ve got yourself a makeshift mouthwash that saves you filling you mouth with horrible strong fake peppermint 😷

possibly more worrying than the above is the fact that you can use that tasty alcohol goodness as a floor cleaner! 😳 (although, i’m not entirely sure why you’d want to waste the tasty 😢)

apparently, if you chuck some gin goodness into a spray bottle and spray it on your surfaces/mould/stubborn marks, it’ll quite happily dissolve the badness and allow you to wipe imperfections away 😏

there are a whole load of other uses but these two were my faves 😂 if you want to, you can read the rest of them ->here<-

that’s us done for another day! is it gin ‘o’ clock now? 🍸

byeeee 👍🏻 #tdil


enjoy reading about ways to waste gin? want to learn more useless rubbish? just take a look ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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