today i learned – sat 6th oct 2018

so, it appears that pesky scoundrel banksy has once again proven that he/she/they really are the world’s biggest troll 😎

#tdil a famous banksy work of art self-destructed as soon as it was auctioned off! 😱

yep, you 100% read that correctly – a very special work of art, created by the famous artist, destroyed itself once the hammer went down on the recent sotherby’s auction in london 🙈

how did this happen you ask? well, when a winning bid for the framed painting (of a girl reaching for a heart shaped balloon) was finally won by a phone bidder, the painting passed through a hidden shredder that sat in the frame! 😳

considering that the winning bid was over £1million … you can’t help but wonder how annoyed that bidder must have been 😂 to be honest, all of this drama has probably actually made the shredded painting even more valuable!

want to know how insult was added to injury? banksy posted this to instagram just as the auction ended 🙈🙈

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Going, going, gone…

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it appears that there isn’t really any bad blood around this whole ordeal 👍🏻 which is really cool 😁 i have to say, the whole thing is simply brilliant! 🙌🏻 banksy, whoever he/she/they are, is an absolute genius 😏

actually amazing 😁

laters ♥️ #tdil


this is literally one of my favourite things on the entire blog 😏 fancy reading something else so that you can compare? just take a look ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other ->here<-)

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