today i learned – fri 5th oct 2018

pretty sure this is another party that i’m late to … but this literally blew my mind 🤯

#tdil that ebay owns uk classifieds website, gumtree!?

like, when did that even become a thing!? that must have been a really quiet acquisition 😱 … it was 😅 they don’t even market the two together 🤷🏻‍♂️

anyway, it all went down back in 2005 … that’s just five years after gumtree was founded 😏 they literally went from zero to tasty in no time 🙈

to be fair, you can understand why ebay purchased the website so soon – at the time, the london gumtree site was getting over one million visits each month 👍🏻 … a number that was doubling every six months 😱

now, i’ve scanned the interweb and i can’t seem to find the actual amount that ebay bought gumtree for 😐 however! it is stated in their records that paid $81.6million for three classifieds websites that purchased at the same time 😎

and that’s that 🙈 super short one but hopefully it’ll help someone in a pub quiz one day 😜

peace 😍 #tdil


boom! another fact down 😜 fancy learning something else? just take a lovely gander over ->here<-

image fun time! the header is ->here<- and the other one is ->here<-

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