today i learned – sun 30th sept 2018

i feel like i’m the last person in the world to realise this 🙈 but here goes 😉

#tdil the secret meaning behind the very simple amazon logo 🤔

because i’m a super clever sausage, i actually figured this one out myself 💁🏻‍♂️ (yeah, i know, bow before me for i am the oracle 🤴🏻) but i’m actually pretty sure that everyone already knows this 🙈

but yeah, the amazon logo features the trademark and a little arrow underneath the wording … but what could this actually mean? 🤔

turns out, the arrow is very purposefully placed where it is because it points from a to z … which is in reference to amazon selling literally every bit of random gubbins from a to z 😊

but wait! there’s more! 😱 as well as promoting amazon’s gigantic range of products, it is also said to represent the smile that amazon puts on every single customers’ tiny face 😁

boom! all those secret meanings exposed 🙌🏻 #yourewelcome 😉

laters 😜 #tdil


this one will possibly help someone in a pub quiz one day … if it does, that’s my work done 🙌🏻 if not, you should probably go ->here<-

(image time! the header is a meme and the other is ->here<- … please don’t sue me amazon 🙈)

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