today i learned – thurs 27th sept 2018

i love a video about competitive eating 😏 this, however, might have blown my brain 😦

#tdil exactly how big the stomach of competitive eaters can get during a competition 😷

long story short though, i’m a bit obsessed with videos made by a dude called matt stonie (->here<-) … he’s a competitive eater that once set a world record by eating 70 hotdogs super quickly 🌭

now, i’ve always wondered how on earth people can eat that much gubbins and not die … like, what just that do to their stomach?! 😱 well, this rather graphic video shows you!

(this fact is entirely based around that video … so you can literally just skip reading and just watch that if you want 😂 )

it’s pretty mind-blowing 😦 like, when the previous record of 69 was set, the guy’s belly literally grew to the size that a women’s would when she was hella pregnant! 🙈 literally takes food baby to a new level! 🤰🏼

apparently, it’s all about being able to suppress that feeling that body gives you of wanting to throw up when you’ve eaten too much … something that i could never do 😅

i don’t really have much more to say on this, to be honest 🤷🏻‍♂️ i literally just wanted to share that video with you … and google favours long content 😂

enjoy! 😘 #tdil


this one was largely pointless but slightly interesting 🙃 fancy learning some actual goodness? just take a look ->here<-

(just the one image today 👍🏻 it’s ->here<-)

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