today i learned – tues 18th sept 2018

the blog seems to have been infested by insect facts recently 🙈 today’s fact continues that trend 😅

#tdil termites have a really cool monarchy system 🐜 (yes, that’s an ant emoji 🤷🏻‍♂️)

so yeah, you may already know that i find ants fascinating 🤓 i just love how they have a hierarchy and that they’re actually hella clever 😏

well, today i learned that termites are just as cool! like, they may look lots more boring but they’re actually quite interesting 🙈 here’s why!

for starters, unlike ants, termites don’t rely on a single queen with loads of different mating males … instead, termites have a monogamous king and queen! 😁 they’re the only two that mate … they can live for 30-50 years and they’ll stay together the whole time!

should either of them die, then they have back-up kings and queens … they literally have a monarchy 😱

they also have equal opportunities when it comes to who gets to be a worker/soldier/birther/etc 😏 unlike ants, termites are born as workers and can then molt (not sure on the spelling 😂) into whatever is required 👍🏻

basically, they aren’t destined to be just one thing for their entire life 😁 they get to spread their little career goals and go for it! 😏

they’re also totally gender equal … because they’re all both genders! 😎 they’re basically super ethical creepy crawlies 😂🙈

and thus ends my kinda accurate look at termites 😏 (the info is correct … the ethics bit, maybe a bit embellished for dramatic effect 😅)

byeee 😊 #tdil


quite enjoyed writing this one 🤓 hopefully you liked reading! wanna read something else? just go ->here<-

(image time! the header came from ->here<- and the other ->here<-)

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