today i learned – mon 17th sept 2018

going for another car based fact today 🚗 just because the future scares me 🤷🏻‍♂️

#tdil mercedes-benz think the future of mobility is a special autonomous multi-purpose chassis 🚛

it’s called the ‘vision urbanetic concept’ and it’s basically an autonomous, all-electric, flatbed chassis that can have various bodies slid onto it 👍🏻

to be fair, it’s a pretty clever concept … like, we’ve had no end of news stories recently that say cities are too polluted and too dense with traffic … they’d deffo solve that issue 😏

the premise is that these funky little flatbeds can be summoned to perform the duty of either a passenger vehicle (taxi) or a commercial vehicle (van).

if it’s a van that’s needed, then a special commercial body can be slid onto the little chassis. this body is capable of holding up to 12 pallets … meaning that it’s a fair size 🙌🏻

likewise, if it’s people that need transporting, then a people carrying body can be slid on 😊 this one is capable of carrying up to 12 peeps comfortably 😏 it’s filled with futuristic technology to keep occupants busy and up-to-date with facey b 😎

it’s actually really cool and would solve a lot of issues within our very busy cities 🏬 just think, instead of needing loads of car parking spaces across the city, people could just order a car to autonomously (and pollution freely) collect them 😏

what do you think of this? 🤔 give me a shout peeps!

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


i quite like a bit of car news … makes a change from bee/spider news 😂 fancy reading something else? just look ->here<-

(only one picture today 😊 that came from ->here<-)

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