today i learned – fri 7th sept 2018

the fact that this fact even needs to exist actually scares me 🙈 but yeah, enjoy 😂

#tdil the police will soon start doing roadside eye tests to help stop drivers that can’t see properly 🙃

yep, three police forces (thames valley, hampshire and the west midlands) will soon trial roadside eye testing in a bid to clampdown on bad eyesight on british roads 👀

at the mo, the only eye test that drivers in the uk have to pass is the one that they do just before their practical driving test. after that, it’s totally on them to let the dvla know if their eyes stop working well … let’s face it, who’s actually going to revoke their own license?! 🙄

that pretty much means that, even if someone’s sight becomes really bad, they can carry on driving 😊 #safety. it also means that no one really knows the true state of britain’s roads when it comes to eyesight 😅

the new trial, however, will see police perform eye tests (the same as the one before your driving test) every time they pull someone over 🙌🏻 if you fail the test, they will get your license revoked by the dvla 😏

once revoked, it’s a proper mission to get your license back from the dvla … like, you have to reapply for your license and have multiple eye tests 😁

i’m honestly a massive fan of this trial … i spend a lot of time on our roads and would much prefer no one crashing into me due to their bad eyes 🙈 what do you think of it?

peace 😜 #tdil


this is literally the most informative fact we’ve had in ages 😂 want to read something less useful? just take a gander ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other one is ->here<-)

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