today i learned – thurs 30th aug 2018 😱 lego may have just gone and made the coolest model ever

#tdil those clever lego peeps have created a full size bugatti chiron that actually drives! 🏎

that’s right, following the awesome chiron model we spoke about a little while ago, the lego techs have built a full size car that features over one million bricks and 2,304 electric motors!

apparently the project started back in june 2017 and was initially met with laughter when it was suggested 🙈 regardless, a year on, the project is over and the final product is insane 😱

it’s a 1.5 tonne full size chiron that features lego technic frames, interlocked by pins and beams, wrapped in a special ‘lego fabric’ that was designed especially for this project 😍

everything is bolted to a steel frame … that’s one of only three parts that aren’t made from lego … the others being a roll cage and the chiron wheels 👍🏻 even the full interior is made from lego bricks! 😱

what’s more, the thing actually drives 😊 thanks to 2,304 electric motors that grant it 5.2hp and a torque figure of 68lb ft … the same as a boggo vw up! 😎

how darn insane is that?! a full size car made entirely from lego 😍 this is the coolest thing ever 😁

laters 😜 #tdil


bit different today … but i couldn’t not write about this! 🙈 fancy reading something else? just take a look ->here<-

(all pictures came from the lego press room ->here<-)

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