today i learned – weds 29th aug 2018

we’re sticking with the animal theme today … but we’re going prehistoric 😏

#tdil that megalodon used to eat giant whales for breakfast 🦈

for those of you that don’t know (or haven’t watched ‘the meg’), megalodon was a giant prehistoric shark that was literally three times the length of t-rex 🦖 – fossils tell us that they could grow to 60-70 feet! (the highest great White is 23 feet!)

as you can imagine, a shark that big requires a lot of food in order for it to keep on running. regardless, how nuts is that fact?! like, we aren’t talking tiny whales, we’re talking full on sperm whales and things like that! 🐋

how did it nom on such big (and thick) creatures? through the use of teeth that could range in size from 5-8inches and a bite force of 24,000-40,000 pounds! that’s two or three times more powerful than t-rex 🙈

absolutely ridiculous! 😅 luckily, it went extinct 2.5million years ago 🙌🏻 … or did it? some people believe that it still exists today but down in the depths of the mariana trench 🤔

i’ll be honest, i really hope that it’s not true 🙈 nobody needs a whale eating monster shark in their lives 😂😂

byeee 😁 #tdil


what a fun time, another blue planet type fact! 🐋🐳 fancy reading something else? just have a look ->here<-

(picture time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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