today i learned – tues 28th aug 2018

today, we’re going to have a lovely little lazy animal fact 🙌🏻 just feels like one of those days!

#tdil that koalas sleep for around 22 hours a day 😴 #livingtheirbestlife

i have to say, i’m incredibly jealous of koalas for this reason 🙈 i want to sleep for 20-22 hours a day!? leaving bed is just too hard 😅

the reason why koalas only spend a few hours awake is to do with their diet 😊 basically, the eucalyptus leaves that they nom on contain toxins, are high in fibrous matter and are low in nutrition.

those factors added together mean that it takes loads of energy to digest the food that they eat … therefore meaning that they need to conserve as much everything as possible for digestion 🙈

it actually seems like evolution had a bit of a merh when it ‘decided’ the koalas diet! it’s like they all need sending to a special camp that changes their diets 😂 maybe if they ate something else, they’d have more energy! 😅

this is a short one today … but i found it super interesting – i’ve always wondered why koalas sleep so much (although, i never knew it was quite as much as that!)

peace 🤟🏻 #tdil


this was fun 😊 we should do this again sometime 😘 fancy doing it now? just take a look ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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