today i learned – fri 17th aug 2018

feel like this would have been more relevant when it was sunny 🙈 oh well! 😂ðŸĶ

#tdil the ice lolly was invented by an 11-year old lad! 🍭

that’s right! in 1905, those lovely summer treats were stumbled upon by an unwitting child entrepreneur! 😎

the kid’s name was frank epperson and he lived in the san francisco bay area 👍ðŸŧ his invention was actually an overnight accident 🙈

you see, during the previous day, frank had mixed some sugary soda powder but then left it overnight (i imagine with the stirring stick still in place). due to it being a cold night ❄ïļ the mixture froze.

upon waking up and finding the frozen dohickey, frank found the obvious thing to do was to throw the icy goodness into his mouth hole 😏 loving his new invention, he shouted ‘eureka!’ (well, i like to think he did) and then named it the ‘epsicle’ – a mixture of his surname and icicle 😎

he then started selling the goodness around his area 😏 around 20 years later, frank expanded his sales area and began selling them at neptune beach … they were a hit and, in 1924, frank found himself filing for a patent 🙌ðŸŧ

it was during this filing for a patent that frank’s kids convinced him to change his invention’s name to what they called it – a ‘pop’s cicle’ … because he’s their pops 😉

and there you have it! the origin story of the ice lolly ðŸĪŠ there is a much longer story following this … but we literally don’t have time 😂

laters 😝 #tdil


woop! another fun fact about food 😀 fancy reading more fun stuff? just take a little look over ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other image is ->here<-)

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