today i learned – weds 15th aug 2018

ladies and gentleman, i am truly shooketh and can’t actually cope with life anymore 😱

#tdil the waiters and waitresses that we love from first dates are actually actors! 🤯

yep, they don’t even work there!? my romantic notion of it being an actual legit magical restaurant with them being the everyday staff has been shattered 😢

but yeah, it turns out that cici, laura and sam are actually actors and actresses brought in simply to film the show 🤷🏻‍♂️ they don’t actually live that restaurant life for real 🙄

the restaurant itself is real 🙌🏻 but is only taken over by the first dates crew when filming is underway 🎥 the restaurant is actually called ‘paternoster chop house’ and is located near st.paul’s 👍🏻

when filming isn’t taking place, you can legit visit 😁 don’t expect to see your fave first dates crew though 😢 (you’ll actually find fred at a restaurant in park lane … where he’s a general manager 😎)

right, now you’re as shooketh as me, we’re done for today 😂 i’m sorry if i’ve ruined first dates for you 😅

class dismissed 😎 #tdil


bit depressing this one 😅 fancy reading something a bit more fun? just take a little wander over ->here<-

(image time! the first one is a meme … so no idea who owns it 😅, the second can be found ->here<-)

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