today i learned – tues 14th aug 2018

it’s another day where we’re having some weird news today 😏 this is like something out of alien 👽

#tdil a russian alchemist once managed to create a small creature in a jar 😳

yep, just like in all the scary monster films where an abomination is created in a lab and it later eats everyone, this dude managed to create life 😭

the dude in question is called ‘korney’ and his little monster is apparently a ‘homunculus’ or ‘little human’ 👍🏻

it was apparently created by combing human sperm and a chicken egg 😳 … it took a few attempts … but eventually the dude created a small weird creature that ended up being able to electrocute fish and spit poison 😅 #casual

if i’m honest, this is one of those that you need to actually watch 🙈 i didn’t know this was possible … it could all be fake 🤷🏻‍♂️ either way, it’s freaky as! what do you think?

(the videos that i’ve put in this aren’t the originals … they’re english commentary versions 🙌🏻)

peace 😜 #tdil


how weird is this one?! 😳 need something a bit nicer to even it out? just take a look ->here<-

(only one image today … it’s a grab from the videos 👍🏻)

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