today i learned – sun 12th aug 2018

i can’t actually believe this is a thing … i need to take part o.m.actual.g 😱😂

#tdil there is such a thing as the ‘car jumping championships’ 😱😱😱

this one is pretty much what it says on the tin – it’s a competition where people jump cars over cars 😂 how darn incredible is that!? 😱

like, how is that a thing? it sounds like something that wouldn’t make it off a gaming console … but it did and it’s glorious 😏

it also looks super dangerous … you’d have thought that roll cages would be required 😳 apparently not #healthandsafety

for once, i have the pleasure of saying that this ridiculous sport is actually something that finds its home in the uk 😎 west sussex to be exact 🙌🏻

this is something that i literally have to compete in 😱 it just looks so amazing … and i’ve always wanted to jump a car 😏

short and pointless one today, but who actually cares? it’s about flying cars!? 🚀

laters 👻 #tdil


finally, a post that wasn’t about something useful 🙌🏻 fancy reading something actually helpful? take a gander ->here<-

(both pictures today are screenshots of the video 🙌🏻)

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