today i learned – sat 11th aug 2018

found this one proper amusing, so there was no way that i couldn’t stick it on the blog 😂

#tdil that a zoo in egypt has been accused of painting a donkey and passing it off as a zebra 🦓

how amazing is that? 😂 it’s literally like something from a comedy movie – they’re literally trying to pass off a donkey as a zebra (apparently) 🙈

it all started at the brand new international garden municipal park animal sanctuary (big name 😅) in cairo, when a dude called mahmoud noticed the zebra imposter 😏

taking a gander at the donkey-zebra, mahmoud noticed that something was pretty wrong … like, it looked like the paint was actually melting off the poor thing 😕

mahmoud posting a picture of the lil critter to the social and it quickly went viral 😅 … of course, the zoo have since come out and said that it is totally a legit zebra 🤔

as funny as the whole situation is … we need to take a minute to look into the seriousness of the situation 😢 it’s totally not nice that (if it isn’t a real zebra) they’ve literally had to tie that dude up and spray paint it 😢

hopefully, the authorities are actually having a proper look into this to figure out the logistics of the whole thing 😕

but yeah, if you want a zoo in your own backyard, just find a doggy mane on amazon and stick it on ya dog 😉 apparently it works 🙈

laterz ✌🏻 #tdil


not as useful as the rest of the facts we’ve had recently … but it was still amusing 😂 fancy reading more stuff? take a look over ->here<-

(piccy time 😘 the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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