today i learned – fri 10th aug 2018

turns out that a new public monitoring scheme in china is soon going to go full sci-fi 😳

#tdil if you have a low ‘social score’ in china, you have to suffer slower internet 😱

i know right – how rough is that?! if the gov don’t like you, it’s a lifetime of slow internet for you! 😢

it’s all part of a new compulsory scheme that the chinese government is planning to roll out in 2020 (but is trialling right now). first announced back in 2014, the ‘social credit system’ is based on the chinese ethos of “keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful” 😏

it basically rates everyone based on their behaviour … taking into account everything from how often someone posts on social media (bad) and buys frivolous purchases online (bad) to smoking in non-smoking areas (bad) and bad driving (also bad … i thought i was going to list a good in this list 😂)

your score pretty much determines all the good things in life … people with a bad score (those deemed ‘untrustworthy’) get slower internet, banned from travelling, not allowed the best jobs, banned from the best hotels and being named and shamed as a bad citizen (to name a few punishments! 😳)

citizens with a good score (trustworthy peeps) get the opposite of the above but also get more matches on dating sites, discounted energy bills, better interest rates and the ability to rent houses without deposits (again, to name but a few!)

it’s a bit big brother isn’t it 😅 … i’m pretty sure there’s been a film about something like this? 🤔

i guess that the basic thing to take away from this is to make sure you’re a good person in china 🤷🏻‍♂️ just avoid uploading fake news, social media and too many video games and you’ll be fine 👍🏻

what do you think of this?

peace 🙌🏻 #tdil


enjoyed this one tonight … big different 👍🏻 fancy something more like the usual? just have a gander ->here<-

(picture time! the header is ->here<-, the second image is ->here<- and the other one ->here<-)

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