today i learned – weds 8th july 2018

if you’re a driver … then you probably need to know this fact! i had no idea this was a thing 😳

#tdil you can be fined for keeping your engine on whilst stationary 😅

so yeah, this is apparently a thing that’s been around since literally the 80’s!? 🙈 … it’s something i would have liked to know a while ago 🙃

whilst this has been a thing since the 80’s, it’s something that most councils haven’t really bothered enforcing … until now 🙄 thanks to the current clean air efforts, it’s totally now a thing in lots of cities.

the rules basically say that, if you are parked up with your engine still on and you refuse to turn it off when asked by an enforcement officer, you’re getting fined £20 (£40 in parts of london).

with this new found love of the rule, councils are placing a large focus on school areas … as these tend to see a spike in pollution when parents are picking up/dropping off their kids 🤓

basically, if you’re parked up somewhere (not in traffic/doing diagnostics/clearing your windscreen) make sure to turn your engine off … or, make sure you turn it off when asked 😂

you’re welcome 😘

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


as if we had an actually useful fact on the blog today?! 😱 fancy reading something else? just go ->here<-

(images! the header is ->here<- and the other image is ->here<-)

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