today i learned – sun 5th aug 2018

not sure whether this is a political sunday story or whether it’s a cute story about a dog after doggy independence? 🤔 i’m going the second 🙌🏻

#tdil a british pug has applied to become a belgian citizen 🙈

so yeah, due to the whole brexit mess that is currently being a thing, a pug named pippa has applied to become a belgian citizen 🙈 it’s all due to fears of a ‘no deal’ brexit 😅

you see, pippa spends a lot of time traveling between both the britain and brussels (literally more of a traveller than me 🙄) and, if there’s a no deal brexit, it could be a bit of a merh passport wise 🙃

if it all goes wrong and we crash out of the eu, pippa’s British passport will be null and void 😕 and won’t be recognised by belgian officials 😢 so, pippa’s owner nick has decided to effectively get pippa dual citizenship by getting a belgian passport too 👍🏻

should we have a rubbish brexit, this would mean that pippa can still get into belgium 👍🏻 … apparently nick is just hoping that british officials will still accept the invalid british papers 🙈

fun times … this pug is literally a mad traveller?! 🐶 you get it girl! hopefully, due to these provisions, she’ll be able to carry on being a traveller for all the time to come 😁

bye! 🚙 #tdil


woooooooo! another fact about news stuff 🙌🏻 fancy reading more goodness? just go ->here<-

(picture time! the header is ->here<- and the other picture is ->here<-)

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