today i learned – thurs 2nd aug 2018

have you ever gone to the sealife centre and had an overwhelming urge to take the animals home? 😱 these guys did 😅

#tdil a group of peeps attempted to steal a shark from an american aquarium 🦈😳

yeah, you totally read that correctly, these three genuinely tried to steal a shark from their local aquarium 🙈 … it wasn’t even a valiant effort to end animal captivity … they literally just wanted a shark 😳

you literally need to watch this:

the daring heist took place at the san antonio aquarium over the weekend and the little shark in question was a 16-inch horn shark that goes by the name ‘miss helen’ 🦈.

just like all of the best criminals, they did their crime whilst in direct view of a cctv camera 😂 #professionals. that aside, surely grabbing a shark in front of a room of people and shoving it in a baby stroller is massively conspicuous 🙈

luckily, this story ends with a happy ending 😁 miss helen was quickly found by police … at a house filled with little aquariums 😳 someone totally has an obsession 😅

miss helen is now super chill again and living happily back at the aquarium with dory and all of her other mates 🙌🏻

you can’t even make this stuff up 🙈

ta rah 🤣 #tdil


love facts like this 🙈 fancy reading more? take a little gander over ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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