today i learned – fri 27th july 2018

we’re combining both conspiracy theory and gaming today 💻 this one is actually pretty cool today 😏

#tdil all about the most dangerous (and mysterious) arcade game ever made 😱

it was called ‘polybius’ and was popular (for a short time) in 1981 👍🏻 it’s considered mysterious because it just suddenly appeared in arcades across portland at the hands of black suit wearing cia type dudes 😎

it’s famed for being highly addictive and hypnotic 😵 apparently, at times, it was even dangerous and caused the disappearance of two kids 😳

the theory goes that polybius was actually a cia experiment to figure out the mental and physical agility of a player, to see if they’d be a good recruit for the mysterious agency 😏

now, when i started looking into this, i was convinced (due to the news) that this was a real thing (maybe not the cia bit 😂) … after researching for this post however, i’ve found that it is actually an urban legend 🙈

it apparently stems back to the year 2000 and there is no actual proof that it ever existed 😅 … there are a few arcade machines in existence, but they’re fakes made in honour of the legend 👾

no one has ever found any news/reviews/publications from the time that support its existence and no one has ever found a legit machine 🙃

that said, if it was a real cia experiment, do you really think there would be any trace? 🤔 i’ll let you make your own mind up about this … but after that post the other day about the us navy secretly poisoning all of san francisco, is it really that much of a stretch? 🙈

what do you think? let me know in the comments!

peace 🕹 #tdil


this technically isn’t a fact … but it was still fun 😏 fancy reading a real fact? take a little waddle over ->here<-

(picture times! the header is ->here<-, the second image is ->here<- and the last is ->here<-)

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