today i learned – weds 25th july 2018

don’t you think it’s about time we had something relevant to all of the super hot weather that we’ve been having? 🔥 i do 👍🏻

#tdil the reason why it can remain warm at night … even though the sun is gone! ☀️

you know the feeling – laying in bed and dying of heat even though the source of all the warm (the sun) has disappeared to heat the rest of the world 🙃

like, how is that even possible?! where is all of that horrid heat coming from?! 🤷🏻‍♂️ turns out … there are a few different reasons 🙈

the first is all about dirt 😅 you see, during the day, soil soaks up all of the heat goodness that the sun gives off. then, at night, it releases all of that warmness into the atmosphere … subsequently heating the vicinity around it 👍🏻

another reason for night time heat is the fact that you could be legit stealing some of the warmth from the parts of the earth that are enjoying day time 🙈 the heat from their day can be transferred into your evening through warm winds 💨

there’s also the good ole greenhouse effect that you probably learned about in school 🤓 this is where the earth’s atmosphere lets visible light pass through it easily but doesn’t let heat through 🙄

instead, it traps the heat within the atmosphere … even when the sun is long gone, the temperature sticks around 😰 this is where all of those horrid greenhouse gases have an effect … because they act as an invisible insulator of heat 😕

(but, it’s okay because monsieur trump said that global warming isn’t real 😘)

and there you have it! a few causes (not all of them, i’m sure) for those recent sweaty nights that you’ve probably had to endure 🙈 apparently there’s a storm coming this week … maybe it’ll help give us some rest 😂

laters 😉 #tdil


this one was actually topical and interesting?! what is happening?! 😱 fancy some of the normal rubbish that appears on this blog? just look ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<-, picture two is ->here<- and the final one is ->here<-)

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