today i learned – mon 23rd july 2018

this one is pretty different … i’ll be honest, i kinda want one of these 🙈

#tdil scientists once genetically modified cats so that they could glow in the dark 😳

now, i’m not one for animal testing or anything like that … but you gotta admit … having a glow in the dark cat would be pretty nifty 😏 (and it’d drive our dogs mental 😂)

this story dates back to 2011 and actually has an important reason behind it – curing aids 😊 apparently making glow in the dark cats helps scientists when looking at cells 👍🏻

apparently the glow in the dark genes make it easier for scientists to keep an eye on modified cells … thus helping the experiment.

the idea was to modify the cats with a gene that produces a fluorescent protein called gfp … it originally came from a jellyfish 🐙 (that’s the closest i could get to a jellyfish emoji 🙈)

the cats were then given an anti-viral gene from the rhesus macaque that is known to create a protein called a ‘restriction factor’ … this protein can resist aids-causing viruses 😏

the idea was that they’d find a way to prevent feline aids and in some way use this to help prevent human aids 🤙🏻 my source doesn’t confirm it but, with the current state of aids medication, i’m guessing it worked? 🤷🏻‍♂️

again, i’m not for animal testing … it just isn’t fair 😢 however, do you think i can have some glow in the dark jellyfish goodness!? 😱 i could be a (useless) superhero! 🙌🏻

right, that’s us done for today 😊 i’ve got places to be, so this one was slightly rushed 😅 hopefully you still found it interesting!

keep it cool peeps 🤙🏻 #tdil


i don’t think we’ve had anything quite like this before 😊 it was fun! fancy reading some other random stuff? just take a look ->here<-

(images! the header is ->here<-, the second image is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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