today i learned – sat 21st july 2018

bored of all the sunshine we’ve been having? β˜€οΈ in need of a geeky distraction? 😏 let’s go! πŸ€“

#tdil that there is a secret easter egg within microsoft excel 95 that’s a little weird 😦

apparently this is a well known easter egg, but i was not aware of it until today … so, either i’ve been left out or y’all might not know either 😁

the easter egg is called the “hall of tortured souls” 😳 and it’s basically a creepy way of showing the credits for the creators of windows 95 and microsoft excel 95 😏

want to know how to access it for yourself? well, here you go 😘

  1. go to microsoft excel 95
  2. open a new blank worksheet
  3. go down to the 95th row and select the entire row
  4. tab over to column b
  5. go to help/about
  6. tap and hold ctrl+alt+shift and then click the tech support button
  7. boom! welcome to the hall of tortured souls πŸ˜‰
  • if you don’t happen to have a copy of microsoft excel 95 on hand (not really sure who does πŸ˜…) then here’s a little video … so that you get the experience with none of the effort 😜
  • fun times! πŸ™ŒπŸ» love a geeky little fact like this 😁 they should put credits like this in more things!! 😎
  • lates 😘 #tdil
  • _______
  • who doesn’t love an easter egg 😏 fancy reading some more random facts? just take a little gander over ->here<-
  • (images time! the screenshots came from ->here<- (thanks dudes, hope you don’t mind me borrowing them πŸ˜…) and the header came from ->here<-)
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