today i learned – thurs 19th july 2018

this is actually a really nice one 😁 glad i get to start your day with this one 🙌🏻

#tdil nhs staff can get a free night at a luxury hotel … just to say thank you for being awesome 😁

we’re mad lucky to have our nhs … they always look after us despite it always seeming like a constant uphill battle for them to do so 😢 to be honest, it’s about time we gave them a little treat! 🚑

well, thanks to hallmark hotels, they’re finally getting a little thank you – a free overnight stay at one of the 22 hotels across the county 👍🏻 they’re pretty nice … have facilities like golf courses and spas and stuff 😏

it actually comes as a celebration of the nhs’ 70th anniversary and is open to all the peeps that work in the nhs. it’s available every sunday evening but does come with a tiny little catch – y’all have to spend £50 or more in the hotel bar/restaurant 🙄

regardless, it’s still pretty awesome and a really nice way to show our overworked nhs peeps a little gratitude for their hard work! 😍 thank you nhs heroes! 😎

do you work for the nhs? this offer is valid until the 24th dec and can be redeemed ->here<-

see, told you it was a nice one 😁

byeeee 😘 #tdil


highly enjoyed bringing you this one 🙌🏻 no, it wasn’t sponsored 😂 wanna read more stuff? just look over ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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