today i learned – tues 17th july 2018

i miss being on holiday … so here are a couple of weird facts about countries that are (usually) warmer than britain 😜

#tdil weird laws from the place we call europe 😄

i was planning to do each of these individually (you know, spread that content out 😂) but, unfortunately, they’d all be around four sentences long 🙄

right, we’re going to start out adventure pretty close to home … scotland 😎 apparently, it’s illegal in scotland to be in charge of a horse or cow after you’ve had a few bevvies 🍻

not overly sure why it’s illegal 🙈 although, it can’t be safe to do a spot of cow herding whilsy squiffy 🐄 still feel like doing it? well, you risk getting a fine of £200 and possibly jail time of up to 51 weeks! 😳

fun times 👍🏻 next, we’re off to somewhere a little sunnier – portugal ☀️ according to the internet, it is illegal to have a wee in the sea when in portugal 😳

now, i’ve had a look around and i can’t find anything official that backs this up 🙄 but yeah, it’s appaz illegal to have a cheeky sea wee 🌊

if you are found doing the deed in the big blue … you can apparently be arrested 🙈 but, i’m not overly sure how they could possibly police it?! like, how obvious are see wee’ers?! 😳

and there you go 😂 more useless facts! 🙈 pretty much every post, i say that it’s the ‘most pointless fact on the blog’ … and then i go writing something like this 😅

meh, long as you guys enjoy 🙌🏻

byeee 😎 #tdil


wooooooo, more pointless fun stuff! fancy reading some other gubbins? just take a gander over ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<-, the other image is ->here<- and the final image is ->here<-)

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